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5402 Glenside Drive
Suite E
Richmond, VA 23228

Alexander Financial Services, Inc.

(804) 501-0680


Mission Statement


At Alexander Financial Services, Inc. our mission is to partner with our clients to assist them in making smart financial choices through uncompromising integrity, trust, and personalized service.

                   Remember, Smart Financial Decisions 
                   Impact the Quality Of Your Life!


  • Client first
  • A passion to help
  • Ethics, Honesty and Professionalism
  • Teamwork- Working together for common goals
  • Quality of Execution- Do it right the first time! Do it Once and Do it well!
  • Critical Review- unrelenting pursuit of excellence
  • Enjoyment- Supplying the resources and physical environment that enables our staff to reach their full potential.


Our value is reflected in our client's success in meeting their goals, assisted by our knowledge and skills.


Our process is divided into a five step process of  1). Explore; 2). Engage; 3). Envision; 4). Enlighten and 5) Empower. Once a strategy is determined to be the correct program for our clients we develop a regular review and monitoring process to ensure that the program is on course and in line with our client goals. Financial planning is all about life planning as we grow through various stages of life.